The prestigious Academy of Sciences in Lisbon (Academia das Ciências de Lisboa) has distinguished Prof. Dr. Rui Perdigão as corresponding member to the Section of Physics. The distinction results from an unanimous election taken place on December 2020 and reflects his scientific, pedagogic and outreach contributions to the field.

Rui Perdigão pioneered new paths in interdisciplinary physics of complex coevolutionary systems, including fundamental advances in nonlinear science to face urgent challenges faced by society and the environment.

“Rui Pita Perdigão is a scientist and professor with excellent contributions at scientific, teaching, pedagogic innovation and university management. (…) His passion and scientific commitment now contributed even more to the venerable missions of the Academy of Sciences”, states the Academy as quoted by the news articles from the Faculty of Sciences and Instituto Superior Técnico from the University of Lisbon.

With more than 200 years of history, the Academy of Sciences is one of the oldest, most prestigious Portuguese scientific institutions of continuous existence. It is dedicated to the advancement of sciences and learning, with the goal of promoting academic progress and prosperity in Portugal.

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