In his outreach communication “Tomando o Pulso Quântico ao Planeta” at SIC Notícias, a leading news TV channel from Portugal, Prof. Rui Perdigão lifts the veil from his brainchild Meteoceanics QITES constellation, from the journey leading to its emergence to the far-reaching applications taking the quantum pulse of the planet – and beyond. This is one of the outreach interventions in the scope of his brainchild flagships Meteoceanics QITES – Quantum Information Technologies in the Earth Sciences, and ESDI – Earth System Dynamic Intelligence.

The original communication text (in Portuguese) is archived here for reference:

The underlying work is detailed in the following scientific publication (in press):

Perdigão, R.A.P. (2022): Taking the Quantum Pulse of the Planet. DOI: 10.46337/qites.m211115.qpp

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