Shaping the Future with Frontier Sciences and Emerging Technologies

The Meteoceanics Institute is the overarching umbrella institution emerging from our chair, embodying a synergistic alliance among our academic, research and private sector endeavours.

At Meteoceanics we develop cutting-edge projects providing sensitive scientific and technical solutions on coevolutionary dynamical system analytics, modelling, risk assessment and decision support for institutions operating in various sectors of activity, including environmental, naval, aerospace, energy and security.

Moreover, we promote educational initiatives including our Doctoral School, along with scientific entrepreneurship and sustainable development solutions aimed at helping local communities thrive, while helping nurture their natural and cultural heritage for generations to come.

The QITES Alliance – Quantum Information Technologies in the Earth Sciences – emerged from our chair as a new structure to nest our interdisciplinary activities at the interface between Quantum and Earth System Sciences, from fundamental research and algorithmic development to cutting-edge institutional services including big data analytics, risk assessment, prediction and decision support.

Training and course programs are also available for students enrolled at the Meteoceanics Doctoral School, directly or through partner institutions, along with other training opportunities for public and private sector professionals and institutions seeking to engage with us in this enthusiastic quest.

NORA is a large scale international alliance among research universities, corporations and governmental agencies, founded and coordinated by Prof. Rui Perdigão and Dr. Julia Hall.

The current Phase Blue – NORA Meteoceanica – is rooted in our deep oceanic resources to embrace our interdisciplinary Earth System missions, outlined here.