Within the Interuniversity Chair in Physics of Complex Systems & Fluid Dynamical Systems, and the Meteoceanics Institute for Complex System Sciences, the following disciplines are nurtured by Chair Professor Rui Perdigão:

Semester-long Disciplines:

  • Fluid Dynamical Systems: introductory (BSc/MSc) and advanced (MSc/PhD);
  • Information Physics and Evolutionary Complexity: advanced (MSc/PhD);
  • Earth System Dynamics: introductory (BSc/MSc) and advanced (MSc/PhD);
  • Dynamic Meteorology, Oceanography and Climatology: advanced (MSc/PhD);
  • Dynamical System Sciences for Scientists and Engineers: advanced (MSc/PhD);
  • Computational Fluid Mechanics in Hybrid Architectures: advanced (MSc/PhD);
  • Climate System Science and Sustainable Development: advanced (MSc/PhD);
  • Frontiers in Fluid Dynamical Systems: advanced (PhD) (since 2015);
  • Complex System Dynamics, Analytics and Predictability: advanced (PhD);
  • Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Cognition: advanced (PhD);
  • Environmental Prediction and Decision Support: advanced (PhD);
  • Fractional Differential Geometry: introductory (BSc/MSc) and advanced (MSc/PhD);
  • Information Technologies: Classical, Quantum and Post-Quantum: advanced (PhD);
  • Quantum Technologies for the Earth Sciences: advanced (PhD);
  • Socio-Environmental Physics: introductory (BSc/MSc) and advanced (MSc/PhD);
  • Complex System Dynamics: advanced (PhD), also at the University of Lisbon;
  • Interdisciplinary Data Analytics and Model Design: advanced (PhD), also at the University of Lisbon;
  • System Dynamic Intelligence, Complexity and Security: introductory (BSc/MSc) and advanced (PhD), also at I3CS.

Modular Disciplines:

  • Dynamical System Analytics in Physics and Engineering: introductory (MSc);
  • Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics: advanced (PhD);
  • Mathematical Physics and Modelling: introductory (BSc/MSc) and advanced (PhD);
  • Mathematical Methods in the Geophysical Sciences: advanced (MSc/PhD);
  • Hydro-Climate Dynamics: introductory (BSc/MSc) and advanced (MSc/PhD);
  • Electrodynamics and Magnetohydrodynamics of the Earth: advanced (PhD);
  • Nonlinear Analytics and Machine Learning: advanced (PhD);
  • Information Theory and Kinematic Geometry: introductory (MSc);
  • Atmospheric Physics A: Thermodynamics: (MSc) introductory;
  • Atmospheric Physics B: Fluid Dynamics: (MSc) introductory;
  • Atmospheric Physics C: Electricity and Optics: (MSc) introductory;
  • Atmospheric Physics D: Numerical Modelling: (MSc) advanced;
  • Atmospheric Physics E: Nonlinear Geostatistics: (MSc) advanced;
  • Computational Hydrodynamics in GPU Architectures: advanced (PhD).

All course materials, including manuals, software and experimental setups are available via the Meteoceanics Institute for Complex System Sciences under copyright of the chair professor and author (® Rui A. P. Perdigão), with all rights reserved.

The Course Management System (Moodle) is accessible here for course participants.