In his communication “Saltos Quânticos nas Ciências da Complexidade: do Cerne Físico ao Ambiente e Sociedade” at SIC Notícias, a leading news TV channel from Portugal, Prof. Rui Perdigão shares some of his work taking quantum leaps in complex system sciences and technologies, from advancing the core physics to addressing critical challenges faced by the society and the environment. This is one of the outreach interventions in the scope of his brainchild flagships Meteoceanics QITES – Quantum Information Technologies in the Earth Sciences, and ESDI – Earth System Dynamic Intelligence.

The English version of the communication is archived here:

The Portuguese version of the communication is archived here:

The underlying work is detailed in the following scientific publication (in press):

Perdigão, R.A.P. (2022): Quantum Leaps in Complex System Sciences and Technologies. DOI: 10.46337/qites.m211115